We're on a mission to help learners fully benefit from all their learning.

If learners fully benefit, their employers & educational institutions will too.


Issue qualifications for your learners to store, show, share and prove their qualifications and skills. AwardAssured uses the Verified Learning Credential (VLC) Web3 open standards to issue qualification & skills credentials to any compatible wallet.

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A free blockchain secured Web3 learning wallet to store, share and prove the verified learning that is awarded by AwardAssured or any issuer using the same VLC open standards. AllMyLearning has great features, it's always free for learners and easy to use.

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The integrated learning system for the enterprise. PROPEL LXP aggregates learning from multiple systems in real-time for learners, managers and administrators. Modules for Coaching, Competency Development, Curriculums and Assessments.

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Attract & retain great people with verified learning credentials.

Our web3 verified learning credentials stay with the learner for life. They are based on open standards so achievements are not locked away in a proprietary system.

We're proud to use open standards, your learner will own their own learning in their free learning wallet.

This means that your credentials will ALWAYS be available to the learner, and never reliant on any proprietary systems. After all, what's the use in even giving a badge if the learner can't fully benefit?

That's why this is not just a badge and you can show your learners that you fully value their learning... although you do still get a badge!

Attract & retain better talent
Incentivise your learners
Link qualifications to skills
Proud to use open standards
Free download
Open VLC standards compliant learning wallet
Complete control over sharing of qualifications and skills
Blockchain secured


Easily store, share & verify your learning to reach your potential with the free AllMyLearning iPhone & Android App.

Store all your learning in the palm of your hand.

You are in control of what learning you share with any current or prospective employer, college or university.... they can then verify all your learning with the click of a button.

By all means hang the diploma on the wall, but what's the use of that if all it collects is dust... When it's in AllMyLearning, you really can use your learning, your learning works for you now!


The integrated learning system for the enterprise. PROPEL aggregates learning from multiple systems in real-time.

PROPEL is currently in use by global pharma companies with thousands of active users across 15+ countries.

The PROPEL L-Sync technology can integrate within your current infrastructure, you don't need to go through a risky and lengthy migration. It will also put your users first and allow them to consume all learning in one place. PROPEL will enable your managers and administrators to report on learning from across your organisation in one interface.

The PROPEL L-Sync technology can integrate learning from multiple LMSes, content from soft skills feeds and data from HR/Sales (workday, salesforce etc) giving you a complete integrated learning system for your enterprise.

Multiple learning systems into one interface
Secure & compliant for enterprise
Full reporting
Coaching, Competency, Curriculum & Assessment modules

Signature Digital is trusted to handle the learning for many, many thousands of learners in some of the world's most highly regulated industries.

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