Web3 Learning Records & Digital Qualifications

Verifiable, trusted qualifications increase learning and employability

A blockchain secured digital qualification will enable a universal lifelong learning record that is owned by the learner, verified by trusted learning providers, and sharable with the learner's permission to aid progression in education and employment.

Award Qualifications Portal

Issue open standards based verifiable digital qualifications to any compatable learning wallet. Reward your learners fully for their learning, keep them engaged and let your learners celebrate & share their successes.


A secure learning wallet to make your learning work fully for you. Permission based sharing of your qualifications, verify your learning to current & prospective employers.

Developer Services

Using Signature API Web3 Learning Records services will allow you & your clients to issue digital qualifications direct from your learning platform, LXP or LMS.

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The integrated learning system for the enterprise

PROPEL LXP aggregates learning from multiple systems in real-time for learners, managers and administrators.

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Signature Digital started in 2008, and builds learning technology solutions that are deployed across large multi-national organisations.

We are trusted to handle the learning for many thousands of learners in some of the world's most highly regulated industries.

Over the years, we've worked with many large companies, including Novartis, Ford, Takeda, Siemens, Pfizer and E.ON.